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The US Census Bureau estimates that a person holding a bachelor degree earns approximately $2.1 million over 40 years of his or her working life. The harsh truth is that the college degree holder can expect to earn nearly a million dollars more than a person with only a high school diploma. According to the survey conducted for the Chronicle of Higher Education the American nation continues to have a confidence in the value of a college degree, with more than the half of respondents saying “it is essential for success.”

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Many people dream of getting a college degree; however, it is often impossible to interrupt a career to go to school. While working a job, attending classes at a traditional on-campus university or college program often just does not fit into a busy work schedule. Some individuals also have families to support and can’t take the time to attend a university. Non-traditional students seeking higher education are becoming the norm rather than the exception, so many top colleges and universities are recognizing this fact and responding to it by providing online degree programs.

Online accredited degrees through distance learning are a great option for anyone who wants to earn while they learn, by continuing to work while studying for an online degree in their spare time. Single parents, working mothers, and other students who just don’t want the traditional on-campus experience are opting for online degrees programs.

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US Census Bureau Report:’Big Payoff’ from Educational Degrees